Tucked away in Bluffton Georgia, White Oak Pastures is committed to making a “bold return to giving a damn.” The family owned farm underwent a radical transformation in 1995 when Will Harris jumped ship, and started doing things the productive way, the regenerative way.

After being in operation since the late 1800s, the initial transition was one of uncertainty, Jenni Harris, daughter of Will Harris, tells us. At the time, there were few farms making the transition from industrial practices to productive, regenerative systems prioritizing and building up the soil they're working on. The mindset on the farm had become “less passionate about the commodity industry and more and more aware that opportunities for future generations might only exist with change,” Harris says. Rather than shying away from the daunting transition, Will Harris and the team at White Oak Pastures found the need for change not only to be necessary, but a constant when working with a regenerative system.

Little did Will Harris know that in his efforts to restore his once depleted land, he would simultaneously breathe life back into the rural town of Bluffton. Over the last 10 years White Oak Pastures impact has been substantial. From restoring the downtown general store, proudly employing over 155 members of the community, to hosting thousands of visitors on the farm annually for tours, workshops, and events. “The rural revival of Bluffton has been one of the most rewarding things about our transition from a commodity farm to a regenerative one,” Harris shares. The Harris family is adamant that Bluffton will be their forever home, and they’re continuously looking for ways to share its small town “charm and slow pace with the world.” 

White Oak Pastures is grateful for the opportunity to bring people together on their farm, and show them first hand the power and hope of a regenerative system. They’re using all of their efforts to challenge the current production practices and in turn, are encouraging consumers to do the same.


Photos in this blog are from www.whiteoakpastures.com