As a golden rule of food, the mantra to "feed others as you wish to be fed" is a simple, yet powerful concept that can accelerate the growth of a revolution centered around consuming nourishing food. This message is so important to our company, that we decided to give it the first position in a list of 10 values that act as a moral compass and reminder of why we started Force of Nature.
In our current dysfunctional state of food centered gatherings, the standard dishes served are commonly pieced together out of convenience, efficiency, and abundance. As a result, the meals served in these social settings tend to be void of nutrients, chocked full of preservatives, loaded with sugar, hydrogenated fats, carbohydrates, and are far from "fresh". We have all been to gatherings with food that we are not excited to partake in eating, but the social pressures and traditions associated with these events often make it difficult to opt out. What if instead of compromising your own food values, you suggested a new path forward? One in which each dish served was made with love and focused on nourishment. A path in which all foods are intentionally crafted to promote health, longevity, and community.
Where did we get lost as a civilization? Why are we ok with poisoning ourselves and our loved ones? Why is it so hard to opt out of these traditions and start new ones? It's no wonder that obesity, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, and dependence on pharmaceuticals has affected every family in America. We are poisoning ourselves and the people who we love.
It seems to me that the only path forward is to focus on healing ourselves, normalizing nourishing food, and starting new traditions based on "feeding others as we wish to be fed". Upon adopting this food rule, we begin to create social environments in which healthy and nourishing food become the standard, not the exception. When we focus on feeding those we love in a way that is consistent with our own values, we invest in healthy relationships that not only nurture a deeper social connection, but also a deeper connection to the land and animals on which we depend. I challenge you to embrace this simple concept for your next family gathering and begin to deconstruct what feasts look like. You have the capacity to redefine these cherished gatherings and create something beautiful and worthwhile.