Bob Wesley

Bob Wesley is the grass-fed sales coordinator for Turner Ranches and also manages Standing Butte Ranch in Central South Dakota. Bob, his wife Emily, and their two children (Clark and Rose) have the great fortune to live in the middle of a vast swath of native mixed grass prairie surrounded by Bison and nature.


Turner Ranches has a mission to manage our lands in an economically sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner while promoting the conservation of native species and habitats. This is done regeneratively with bison across nearly 2 million acres. Standing Butte ranch is a 50,000 acre remnant of completely undisturbed native prairie surrounded by tilled ag land. The ranch is primarily a stocker operation focused on enhancing the health of this prairie while producing highly nourishing bison protein.


Bob's true passion is experimenting with ways to marry conservation and commerce in creative ways that regenerate the ecosystem, stimulate the economic enterprise, and connect people to the landscape at all levels.