Gaabi is a regenerative agriculturalist with a passion for healing land and nourishing communities through properly managed livestock. She hails from the monocultures of Iowa where she found refuge and her life’s calling as a teenager on an organic dairy farm. Fully inspired to save the world through ecologically abundant agriculture, she went West. Here, she studied sustainable agriculture and animal science from the forward thinkers at California State University, Chico while working as a farm hand on surrounding organic farms. 

From 2016-2022 Gaabi established and built the livestock program for Caney Fork Farms into a pastured, multispecies, holistically grazed, research farm that feeds families throughout Middle Tennessee. Time with friends, trips to new landscapes, and getting creative on her pottery wheel has allowed her to uphold a regenerative work-life balance while shepherding animals, training farmers, and connecting with consumers. She is now using her boots-on-the-ground experience to consult land owners to revitalize and revision farmland with soil health as the driving force.