The Labor of Singing Light

The Labor of Singing Light

Upon a recent meditation – in the form of a run through the wooded boundaries of ROAM Ranch – I felt called to challenge my own definition of regenerative agriculture. Much as Mother Nature is constantly evolving, so should our relationships with concepts and ideas that root our perceptions of the world around us. On this particular day, I felt a need to separate from my current framework much like a snake has the inherent desire to shed its skin. The time was calling for a system upgrade that reflects growth.

As I was becoming fully unaware of my flowstate, a glimpse of an outlying object caught my eye. I slowed my pace to a trot and reached down to the earth to discover a beautiful arrowhead half-buried at my feet. This is the ultimate nature treasure that seemingly picks the most unpredictable moments to present itself. As I held the arrowhead in admiration, I reflected on the people, like us, who once called this land home. They birthed children, buried dead, and loved this land as much as we do.

It was at this moment that I downloaded a prayer from the earth and was overcome with the words "the labor of singing light." I'm not exactly sure how these words found me, but I remind myself that the observer and the phenomenon are inseparably linked. As I began running again, it dawned on me that these simple words held immense power and perfectly encapsulated the recent evolution of my relationship to land through a regenerative lens.

Not only have I started the practice of daily singing to the trees, the birds, the bison, and the earth, but I have come to realize that light is the greatest driving force for creation. Light energy is an underlying thread that not only connects all life on planet Earth, but expands our communication potential into the celestial plains of the cosmos. What I love most about light energy is that it holds a tremendous potential to phase shift into a particle state. Through photosynthesis, green growing plants serve as tremendous vessels to convert light energy into a solid state of carbon-containing organic batteries. The more light energy we can harvest per square foot of land, the more energy we can store in plants and in our soil. This state of high organic energy flow is the fuel that manifests nature's wonders in her most glorious potential. Most simply put, when we effectively maximize light potential, our land burns brighter and Mother Nature has the energy required to regenerate.

Now I see myself as an observer of nature who sings his song with the labor of sowing light. In this season of life, I find immense peace in this role and encourage you to sing the song that fills your heart. 

When we light up ourselves, we light up our land. When we light up our land, we light up the planet. When we light up our planet, we light up our solar system.

Written by Taylor Collins, co-founder, Force of Nature