Why aren’t you certified Organic?

While we believe organic is a step in the right direction for agriculture, there are many practices of organics that further degrade land (as opposed to regenerate land).  While we strongly believe spraying chemicals and synthetic fertilizers is terrible, we acknowledge the industrialized and heavily utilized plow (or till) is equally as destructive to soil biology. Tilling is a practice that is widely accepted and utilized as a form of weed management in organic agriculture. Organic-regenerative feels like the gold standard in crop production, where soil structure is respected as a pillar to soil health, therefore tills are not utilized. In the animal agriculture world, organic meat is often incredibly deceptive to the end consumer.  For instance, organic grass fed beef can mean that a cow is fed organic (non sprayed) hay in a feedlot. It doesn't necessarily take into consideration living conditions (like pasture based vs feedlot). We value the entire ecosystem and ecosystem functionality which we believe is best practiced through regenerative animal agriculture and holistic planned grazing.