100% Wild Caught, Free Range

Our wild boar supply does not currently qualify to meet the 5 principles of soil health standards* our other animal proteins do, simply because they are wild hogs – not managed by ranchers and farmers. Quite the opposite of positive animal impact, these wild boar have become an invasive species here in Texas causing massive destruction on privately owned and public lands. Thankfully, wild boar are quite delicious and we are able to source from local landowners, farmers and ranchers, who trap the pigs. They are then transported to a USDA slaughtering facility where they are inspected for good health prior to harvest.

The wild boar are free range – they are obtained from rural, non restricted environments that permit foraging, natural selection, and breeding and farrowing without confinement. At no time are they administered with antibiotics or added hormones, nor are they fed any ractopamine.

Our wild boar is Texas sourced.