I am a FORCE OF NATURE: Marshall Seedorff

I am a FORCE OF NATURE: Marshall Seedorff

In the landscape of northern New Mexico, Marshall Seedorff – head of sales for Force of Nature – takes us along on his annual elk hunt. Here, he shares how he came to the meat industry through passion for wildlife, ethical sourcing, and a personal mission for reclaiming the legacy of meat. To Marshall, this isn't just about selling meat, it's about a lifestyle deeply connected with nature and the principles of regenerative agriculture. 

A Brand with a Mission

Force of Nature isn't your average meat company. It's a movement. As the head of sales, Marshall isn't just selling products, he's spreading the word about a system that respects the natural tendencies of animals and promotes soil health. This approach leads to healthier meat for consumers and a happier life for animals. It's about making choices that support a food system in harmony with nature. Force of Nature meats come from animals raised in regenerative systems, a method that ensures they live as they're supposed to — roaming free, grazing on pastures, and contributing to the health of the ecosystem.

Regenerative Agriculture: The Heart of the Matter

The core of Force of Nature's ethos is regenerative agriculture. This isn't a buzzword; it's a philosophy — a commitment to practices that restore the earth, rather than deplete it. It's about soil health, animal welfare, and creating a sustainable future for our planet. When you choose Force of Nature meats, you're not just buying food — you're investing in the future of agriculture and supporting a system that aims to heal the land, and provide nutrient-rich, delicious meat.

Why It Matters

Marshall's journey — and the mission of Force of Nature — resonates with a growing community of conscious consumers. It's about knowing where your food comes from, understanding the impact of your choices, and supporting practices that promote a healthier planet. Choosing Force of Nature meats means you're part of a solution that nourishes both the body and the earth, and promotes animal welfare.

Join the Movement

As we wrap up this adventure with Marshall in the wilds of New Mexico, it's clear that Force of Nature is more than just a brand. We are a call to action: a rallying cry to support a system that respects nature, treats animals well, and delivers exceptional quality meat to your table. Whether you're a hardcore carnivore or someone who cares deeply about the planet, Force of Nature offers a way to align your values with your diet. Welcome to the regenerative revolution.

Marshall's favorite recipe:

A cast iron seared bison ribeye symbolizes much more than a great meal. It's a direct connection to the land, our history, and his deep respect for the keystone species of North America.

Craving that Bison Ribeye? Grab the recipe HERE.