100% Grass Fed & Finished, Pasture Raised, Regeneratively Sourced

Our bison are all sourced from ranchers practicing the 5 Principles of Soil Health* (limited disturbance, armor your soil, diversity, living roots, integrated animals).The majority of our ranchers are in the process of scientifically validating their soil health improvement (and carbon sequestration) through soil sample collection and tracking. We are working diligently to formalize a protocol to gather baseline soil samples for the remainder of the ranches. All bison ranchers are currently practicing holistic land management.

Our bison are grass-fed, grass-finished and raised on pasture year-round. They are often supplemented with free choice minerals or mineral blocks. Our bison suppliers do not utilize growth hormones or the use of antibiotics. We do allow for the use of therapeutic antibiotics if there is threat to the overall well being of the herd, such as a life threatening illness. Treated animals are segregated from our supply chain.

Our bison are raised on many family owned ranches across the US (Kansas, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, and Texas), in addition to some supply coming from Canada.